Trimos V3/V4 Height Gauges

Description & Features

The V3/V4 height gauges have been developed for the most difficult workshop environments. Manufactured in their entirety in Switzerland, they will guarantee a robust, precise and reliable product on the long run. The V3 represents the entry-level of Trimos height gauges. A robust and easy-to-use instrument including all functions essential for a use in the workshop. The V4 offers the same functions as the V3. In addition it is equipped with a second probe holder as well as an air cushion for easy displacement on the measuring table. The programmable functions buttons of the handle allow a quick access to the functions most used.

•Measuring ranges 400 and 700 mm

•Extremely easy to use

•Electronically adjustable measuring force

•Autonomy: 40 h (lithium-ion batteries)

•Larger than 300 mm probes as standard

•Vast range of accessories

•All adjustments possible without tools

•RS232 and USB interfaces

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