Tesatronic Twin - T10Tesatronic Twin - T10

Tesatronic Twin - T10

Description & Features

Portable display TESATRONIC TWIN-T10 for TESA inductive probe – Independet instrument used during assembly, on an inspection workstation of a production line, for final inspection or directly on a machine on the shop floor – Frequently used with a GT 31 lever probe for geometry measurements: form tolerances (straightness, flatness etc.) or orientation tolerances (parallelism, perpendicularity, etc.) – Function TOL for measurements with tolerances – Memory function for values MAX, MIN or MAX-MIN for dynamic measurements – Function for zero-setting of the display, for easy comparative measurements with a reference part – Special ZOOM mode for a more detailed visualization of the analogue scale. This mode simplifies the alignment and fine adjustment during assembly. Other features: – 4 or 7 measuring ranges from ± 5 µm to ± 5 mm, or switch able automatically depending on the measured value – Access to functions by direct keys – Millimetre/inch conversion – 1 probe signal input – Power supply by standard AA batteries – RS232 digital output (TLC connector)

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