PH-400 Optical Projector PH-400 Optical Projector

PH-400 Optical Projector

Description & Features

  • Rugged all metal construction  
  • High resolution optical system with clear image,magnification error is less than 0.08%,

  • Long life 10W LED Adjustable Contour / Surface Illumination, 

  • DP400 multifunction digital readout for fast and accurate 2D Measurement Specification:

  • Screen 400mm Dia with Chart Clips

  • Stage Travel 300 x 150mm

  • 360° Digital Protractor, Resolution 1' / 0.01°

  • Scale Resolution 0.0005mm/0.00005"

  • 10X Lens Included

  • DP-400 Digital Readout with Geometric Functions, Rad/Dia, Angle, Skew etc

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