MecWash MWX Washing SystemsMecWash MWX Washing Systems

MecWash MWX Washing Systems

Description & Features


The systems can combine ultrasonics with high flow washing, rinsing, dedicated jetting and vacuum drying to provide the highest quality of component cleaning and drying available. The systems are designed to process complex and intricate machined or pressed parts that require high standards of cleanliness, surface finish and dryness. This includes the removal of all types of contamination, from soluble and mineral oils to greases, polishing compounds, lapping pastes and dye penetrants.

The MWX300 is the latest compact system and has been developed with higher power ultrasonics (up to 30 watts/litre), perfect for small, intricate precision components. This, added to its smaller footprint, makes the MWX300 the perfect aqueous cleaning system for the medical and electronics sectors where highly stringent standard are required for cleaning, surface finish and drying.

  • Satisfies the high demands of the aerospace, fluid power, nuclear, medical and other precision industries
  • Highly durable specification, combines precision cleaning with 24/7 dependability
  • Numerous tailored options to fit the customer’s exact cleaning demands and automation requirements
  • Over 300 systems supplied to blue chip automotive and aerospace engineering businesses

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