Peak Depth Measuring Wide Stand Microscope

Peak Depth Measuring Wide Stand Microscope

Description & Features

Peak Wide Stand Microscope is a simple measuring microscope designed to be compact and light weight, but characterized by a wider field of view than that of the conventional microscope. It allows not only to provide magnified view of fine pattern and contour of objects, but also to measure length and compare dimension by using a scale included in the eye-piece. Has a helicoid focus mechanism

Peak Wide Stand Microscope will be useful not only for the general observation but also for improving accuracy in precision machining and securing uniform quality in the inspection process.

By reading the scale engraved on the focusing ring and the main needle of the lens barrel, depths can be measured with the accuracy of 0.1mm (.004"). There are 100 of these divisions. Depth is measured by focusing on two different depths and measuring the change in divisions between the two focusing points. This microscope is convenient for measuring the thickness, height or depth of subjects having different levels and for measuring the depth of print cylinders and printing plates, copper plates.

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